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Face lift

Welcome to our home page.

To whom do we offer our page? For those people who think a stunning appearance and good general condition are important or simply to those who would like to change their look. We offer you our excellent facelift services and extremely favourable prices .

Does this thought ever cross your mind: could I look better another way, could I be more beautiful? Stop dreaming and make it a reality! The beauty industry is not only the rich’s privilege any more. We offer mini facelift surgery without neck tightening or full facelift surgeries including neck tightening at affordable prices

People’s decisions connected with their body and health demand thorough consideration, the choice must not be rushed. We try to offer help to ensure the best decision and we try to collect all the information you may need..

Our home page was created to inform inquirers about the services of the clinic and its great past. Thousands of plastic and cosmetic operations have been performed in the hospital represented by our company. Business executives, politicians and artists can be found among our Hungarian patients.

Before Hungary’s joining the EU mainly Swiss, Austrian and German patients came to us. Since Hungary is now a member of the EU the number of English, Irish and other patients have increased. It is no wonder, because our doctors offer extremely favourable prices next to high quality. In addition our English-speaking colleagues, they give complex services to our patients from the moment of their arrival to their leaving.

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