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Our patients


Kathrine W., 47, Teacher. UK
I was very unhappy with the way I looked. All I could think about was my youthful days. It wasnt until I started researching cosmetic surgery that I realized that I could look young again. I decided that I wanted to get a face lift. The surgeons at the clinic were great and procdure went very well. Thanks again!

George T., civil engineer, 54, UK.
This was the best choice I could have made! Fantastic team of surgeons and wonderful treatment. I would recommend this treatment to anyone, it really takes years off your age.


Emma G., sales representative, 44, UK.
I was born with a very heavy brow line. I never thought that one day it could disappear. I was unsure of whether I should do it but in the end I was very happy with my decision. I am a new person, happier and more confident. With my sort of job I need to put my best face forward and now I can.


T.J Williams, 39, Carpenter, UK.
It wasnt until I reached my late thirties that I became unhappy with my face. Aging really started to show. Thanks to the clinic I was able to reverse the process and go back to looking how I used to. The clinic was very clean and beautiful. I enjoyed my time there. The people were really nice and helpful.

Sarah S., 41, chef, UK.
All my life I was told that I had a large forhead. I was glad when I heard about forhead lifts because it meant that something could be done to help my appearance. I aged fast and my forhead became very wrinkled, not to mention I smoked. My procedure went very smooth and my recovery was good. I enjoyed my time in Budapest.


Susan F., 50, Financial Adviser, UK.
I greatly admire and congratulate the two surgeons who carried out the procedure. I have great respect for them and feel very privileged to have had such fine people operate on me. I congratulate you on the high professionalism and care shown throughout my visit and will be pleased to refer your clinic to others.

Nelly F., 55, Retired, UK.
I never liked to see saggy skin anywhere. When my neck became loose and wrinkled and decided that I had to have plastic surgery done. It was a very calming experience, the staff was delightful and pleasant. Couldnt have asked for better help.

Stephan V., 53, Manager, UK.
Very nice people. Very kind team of surgeons. Budapest was a wonderful experience. I brought my wife who enjoyed the trip just as much as I did. I was very happy with my sugery. I did research before I went abroad and learned alot. This clinic lived up to all of my standards. Cheers!

Our cosmetic surgeons and surgical team at the clinic

About Plastic Surgery Clinic

Our clinic was one of the first clinics to open in 1990 and we have been serving the public since then. Our team consists of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgeon assistants and nurses, together this team binds as one.
On our team we have five highly specialized plastic surgeons who with their knowledge and experience can guarantee your procedure. The clinic is fully equipped with the most high tech, modern opertory and an anesthesiologist standing by 24 hours a day. In the clinic we are able to look after you in an intensive manner with laboratories at hand to run any sort of test or checkups. We offer our patients comfortable, beatutifully renovated ,airconditioned on-suite rooms to ensure their comfort when visiting our clinic.
When you visit us for a consultation we are able to help plan your procedure with the aid of computer diagnostics.
Clinics Hungarian Plastic surgeons and Cosmetic surgeons are proud members of the International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery/IPRAS.

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