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Why is it better to have plastic or facelift intervention abroad?
In the case of foreign facelift or necklift surgeries the services are of the same quality, but at lower prices.

What kind of degree does the foreign facelift surgeon have?
The degrees cosmetic surgeons have in the EU are compatible with the English regulation. It is proven by the fact that many of them can and do work in the United Kingdom.

Do the foreign neck tightening surgeons speak English?
Yes, they do. Not only the surgeons, but the assistants and the secretaries speak English as well.

Why are the prices so suspiciously low?
These prices are only low compared with the English ones, but services are expensive for the people living there. English patients can use the service and they pay the same price. All they have to do is travel there.

What is the situation with the quality of facelift surgeries?
The quality of facial surgeries reaches and even exceeds the English level. Facial surgery clinics offer services of excellent quality, and patients from the western part of the EU receive great attention.

Do clinics guarantee their facelift / necktightening procedures?
Clinics provide a written guarantee for the used material without exception.

Which facelift clinic do I choose?
Everybody has to decide this question for himself/herself. Of course we can help you with this, click here.

How do I ask for a price quotation or a treatment brochure?
On the home pages you can find an e-mail address from where you can get the information. Of course, with great pleasure, we are happy to help you. For more details click hereā€¦

Is it a problem that I have had plastic surgery at another clinic?
No, because there is a full-scale examination before the treatment. Former operations have no effect on the next surgery.

How can I pay?
There are different ways of paying in every hospital. Usually you can pay by cash or credit card.

What happens if I cancel the operation?
It does usually cost you only the administration fee. The price quotation sent by the clinic also touches upon the conditions of the withdrawal.

What if I do not find the clinic?
The colleagues of plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics welcome patients at the airport. They go with them to the hotel and then to the clinic. Patients are given the necessary phone numbers ahead of the journey, so they are prepared in case they do not find the correct way.

What programs can you offer for my travelling companion?
Cosmetic surgery clinics have travel agents, who can offer a great variety of programs to you and your companion. Patients and their companions are informed about these in person.

My friends and acquaintances advise me against having facelift surgery abroad. What shall I do?
Unfortunately we can not decide on your behalf, but we stand behind all of the information we have given you. You can gather information on the internet, from forums, etc. Please ask us any questions you may have and we will get back to you immediately, click here(3)

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