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Do not think that organizing of your treatment in Budapest is complicated. If you organised it yourself, it could however be difficult. Our colleagues are very skilled at planning these trips. You can sit back safely, while we take care of everything.

As follows, we show you step by step what happens exactly:

Online price offer

If you send us an e-mail and sum up your problems, our colleagues get in touch with you in 24 hours. They give the possible dates of your treatment in the time interval chosen by you. They draw up a price quotation, which contains all the possible costs. They look for the most convenient hotel for you and choose the air-line with your help. Because of practical reasons the flight-ticket is not reserved by our colleagues but by the applicant.

Consultation before your travel

After your first email the clinic asks for more information about your intentions and ideas.. This early period of advising is usually written communication, mainly via e-mails. You will be informed about risks of your treatment. If surgeons have further information, they start consultation by phone. The consultation by phone is equivalent to an examination. After the consultation you will receive a final price offer from the doctors. If you accept the price, the work continues with the preparation phase of your travelling.

If you want to consult the doctors who perform the treatment, there are two possibilities.
Consultation on phone: If you have the results of the blood-test and the ECG, you send an e-mail with some photos of the body part you want to change. Our doctors will be at your service via telephone. At that time you can ask your questions, and our surgeons will give you the most detailed answers.

The preparation of your journey

After we analised your needs, we look up possible dates for the trip. Flight-tickets and accommodation must be booked, and the plastic surgeon has to plan the date for the procedure and make proper medical preparations. After the stage is set you receive an accurate and detailed itinerary. This schedule contains the contact people’s name and phone numbers, your attendant’s name and phone number, the address and the phone number of the hotel and the clinic, the flight number and the dates, the places and the dates of the pre-examinations, the place and dates of the operation, the places and dates of checks, etc. If you confirm the suggested schedule, you have to reserve you flight-ticket, and then you can travel to the chosen destination.

After arrival consultation


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