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Forehead lift surgery treatment – why to choose?

High quality of the forehead lift or browlift surgeries – When we put aside national pride and commitment it must be said that the technical and professional level of forehead or browlift surgeries in the EU countries reaches and sometimes even exceeds the English average. Facial cosmetic surgeons have the necessary qualifications and credentials; as well their degree is accepted in the United Kingdom. Not to mention the fact that several of them have worked in the UK in the past. The most modern machines and appliances have become accessible and affordable for every forehead lift or browlift clinic. This is because of the international development of modern medical and computer sciences. The appliances of the cosmetic surgery clinics represented by us are suitable for the most major and minor surgeries.

On the basis of statistics almost 100 % of those people who chose a facial cosmetic surgical intervention ( forehead lift, browlift, wire scalpel, curl lift, etc.) feel that it was the most important and the best decision of their lives. After their successful forehead or browlift operation the selfconfidence of the patients grew, they felt much younger. If you want to know more about the treatments or the procedures, please don’t hesitate to read on!

Get in touch with our colleagues and ask for a price offer, please. Not only can you realize your dreams but also save a fortune, while you enjoy the sights of Budapest and the hospitality of our colleagues. When you return home in a refreshed and renewed body you can be proud of yourself for coming to this decision.

Our free services

The services below are available for our clients without charge:

  • Free consultation on phone and detailed price quotation
  • Free plan of treatment with the exact schedule
  • Free transport from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic and back, and to the airport at departure
  • Continuous assistance during your staying, help with organizing programs and meeting private needs.

Our cosmetic surgery treatments

  • Face Lift
  • Brow Lift
  • Forehead Lift
  • Neck Lift (Tightening)
  • Curl Lift
  • APTOS soft lift
  • Wire Scalpel Treatment

Face lift

Procedure – When conducting a face lift there are several places where incision are made. These areas include the hairline, behind and infront of the ears as well as in the hairline above the nape of the neck. Since there are so many mucscles in the face which are highly innervated it take a surgeon of great talent and skill to perform this operation. The signs of aging are what usually make one decide to undergo this surgery, these signs usually become very visible in the regions of the neck, eyes and forehead. Crows feet and deeper wrinkles around the mouth and nose become prominent. A facelift can be done as a single procedure, or in conjunction with other procedures such as forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping. A well prepared and performed facelift can make you look ten years younger, but you will not look exactly like you did in earlier photos. The results of the intervention remain for about 8 years, after this time a surgical correction may be necessary. Lifting of the forehead includes the temple area and raising the eyebrows. With new methods, such as the SMAS technique and endoscopic facelifts, superb results are achievable. The SMAS technique does not only tighten the skin, it also corrects and smoothens the muscles, which results in a longer lasting and more natural young look. Endoscopic facelifts allow the most precise corrections to be made. This method causes minimal scar development and provides the best results possible.

Duration – 2.5 hours

Anesthesia – General or local anesthetic

Hospital Stay – This procedure usually requires the patient to stay one to two days.

Risks and side effects – This is a surprisingly complex operation and there’s risk of damage to the fine nerves that work the facial muscles. Other side effects may be poor healing, excessive scarring, hematoma, blistering of skin (may lead to permanent scarring) weak facial muscles (usually temporary) permanent numbness (risk is less than 1%) and asymmetry or change in hairline.Brow Lift

Procedure – This is a procedure which is done to improve the looks of ones forehead and brows. It is used to correct the drooping and sagging of the eye brows and lids as well as minimizing the wrinkes on ones forehead. This surgery has a couple methods. A less invasive procedure is conducted with an endoscope and little incisions are made where the endoscope can enter and the operation may be preformed. The more conventional way is by incisions around the hair line and the muscles are tightened on the forhead or even removed to give a smoother and younger look. This operation is generally done in conjunction with a face lift to give an overall refreshed look to the patient.

Duration – ranges between one and a half to two hours.

Anethesia – A general anesthesia is admininistered.

Hospital stay – Depending on the patient, it can be a same day out procedure or you may have to spend the night.

Risks and side effects – In rare cases the nerves can be damaged above the eyes, the ones responsible for raising the eyebrows or wrinking the forehead. This can occur on both sides or just above one eye. Scar formation is rare enough as well, but it is also a complication. In this instance the scar would be removed resulting in a smaller scar. Along the hair line where the incisions were made, the hair may begin to fall out. This is not reversible. Temporary sensation loss is another side effect, most of the time sensation is regained, but there are times where it is permanent.

Physical work/sports can be done – Several weeks of rest should be taken. Any sort of physical activity that raises the blood pressure should be avoided. Excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided at all costs for the first few months.

Aptos soft lift

Procedure – This quick and easy procedure is new and is conducted using special lifting sutures (APTOS). This procedure is used to reduce wrinkles around the throat, neck, brows and cheeks. It is a non-invasive procedure and does not require any cutting. No classical visible scars are left.

Duration – Half an hour

Anesthesia – A local anesthetic is administered.

Hospital stay – Patient may leave the clinic the same day but sometimes an over night stay is required.

Risks and side effects – If the patient follows all guidelines provided to them by the surgeon then risks and side effects have proven to be minimal.

Curl lift

Procedure – This procedure is conducted near the hairline where specialized stitches are passed under the skin. A tiny incision is made about one inch long. Here the special stitches are passed to lift certain problem areas such as the cheeks, eye brows and jowls. The effects of this procedure can last any where from two to five years.

Duration – The procedure takes approximately one hour

Anesthesia – Local anesthetic is required.

Hospital Stay – You may leave the clinic the same day.

Risks and side effects – Due to the limited invasiveness of this procedure the risks are mild and the procedure is completely reversible. Dimples can sometimes be observed around the lower curl, but this can be fixed. The skin has a tendency to bunch up but this disappears around one to three weeks later. Possible asymmetry may occur in some cases, but once again this is correctable.

Wire Scalpel Treatment

Procedure – In this procedure we are removing subcutaneous soft tissue to remove any fine lines an wrinkles that are visible of the face. This intervention can also removed any scarring that has occurred or folds.

Duration – Approximately half an hour

Anesthesia – A local anesthesia is administered

Hospital stay – Patient may go home the same day

Risks and side effects – Bruising may occur for two to three weeks after the procedure. Transitional post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation is possible depending on the patient’s skin type.


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